Taiwan YixinYuan (YXYBDT)Semiconductor Co.,ltd is founded in 2015 with headquarterd in Hsinchu,Taiwan. It specializes in the production and sales of power semiconductor devices by strong technical strength . It has advanced labs and chip design teams in Hsinchu Science and Technology Park, part of production is conducted in Building A,No.812 Yishan Road. Shanghai city. The main business scope includes common rectifiers Diode , Schottky Diode ,Uitra-fast recovery rectifier ,fast recovery diode , high efficiency diode, bridge rectifiers, bidirectional trigger diode , TVS diodes ,ESD,Transistors, MOSFET ,and the annual output of sales exceeds 8 billion pcs .

 Over the years , the company conducted in the business philosophy as “diligence is the basis of all , reputation is the soul of the business ,we should provide quality products to create brand benefits” . From the very beginning to the end , YXYBDT puts “satisfying customer needs” firstly ,and strives to provide products with high quality and low price for customers. Also we will provides the comprehensive ,fast and safe sources of supplies for customers with efforts . In the coming future , YiXinYuan will confidently seize the opportunity of developing in semiconductor market, taking advantage of the momentum , innovating our operation , and enhancing corporate value.


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